Person # 1-

 49 year old male, arrested and detained for disturbance-related charges, was uncooperative with the officer while in the field and while being transported to the jail.  Person came in under the influence and refused to submit to a personal breath test. The Yellow Line Project Screening was completed with the individual while in pre-booking. Person was cooperative with the CBC, he was willing and wanting to participate in the Yellow Line Project and agreed to the standards. Officer was not trained or aware of the Yellow Line Project but was receptive and agreed to allow a diversion. However, prior to the arrival of the officer and person into pre-booking, the officer had made arrangements and still felt the need for the person to be admitted into detox.  While at detox, CBC completed the My Yellow Line plan identifying three goals and arranged for Rule 25 to be completed in detox.  Person was released and entered into a residential co-occurring facility within one week.  CBC coordinated urgent care psychiatry services through the Hub.  Person successfully completed the residential program and transitioned into a local medium intensity residential treatment.  Person is now established with a mental health professional and psychiatrist.  Person actively seeks employment and is attending more than required AA/NA and other support meetings. Person successfully completed all three goals of their plan.

Person #2–

28 year old male, arrested and detained for theft charges, while speaking with the community based coordinator, he readily admits that his poor decisions are causing him extra problems. Person was cooperative with the screening intake as well as with the officer during the arrest. Person was cited for theft and diverted from incarceration. This allowed person to ensure no disruption, temporary or permanent, at person’s place of employment. Community Based Coordinator has met with person to complete the My Yellow Line Plan. At this meeting, it was discussed with person to think about potential consequences of their actions, the importance of being honest with self, family and others. Person received education on local employers and temp agencies to assist person with extra income. Person had significant other involved with case planning.  

Person #3–

24 year old male, arrested and detained for multiple driving violations.  Person is a single working parent of four children and is on probation for several DUIs.  Due to person’s cooperation and information provided from the screening, local law enforcement was agreeable to diversion from jail. Person developed My Yellow Line Plan and is working to successfully complete their goals.

Person #4 –

23 year female, arrested and detained for driving violations. Local law enforcement contacted the Community Based Coordinator for assistance and possible diversion.  Person was driving across states in a severely damaged vehicle to be with a friend that she had never meet in person.  Law enforcement had concerns about the person’s story and over all wellbeing.  Community Based Coordinator met the person and law enforcement at the Salvation Army to complete the screening intake. Person denied any history of mental health and/or chemical dependency however appeared to be “running” from something.  Multiple cues were present signifying possible MI or CD issues.  She appeared to be struggling with even the most basic of personal needs. Community Based Coordinator arranged for person to enter the South Central Crisis Center to assess mental health crises for the night until person could be transported to reported destination out of state. After further conversation with the likelihood of this plan not being successful the decision was made to have person take  transportation that day back to Minneapolis. Local Law Enforcement was agreeable to said plan and agreed to not charge the person with driving violations. This is beneficial to local county court as well as the individual.  Person has no outstanding court involvement or need to return to local area. Since person left Blue Earth County, person is back home with parents and reunited with their child. Person completed all goals of their My Yellow Line Plan and a successful discharge letter was sent to the person and local law enforcement. Local law enforcement sent a thank you letter back to the YLP team thanking the CBC for her involvement, expertise and swift care coordination efforts.

Person #5 –

29 year old male, detained for a driving violation, person was screened in pre-booking and the officer agreed to hold charges with the intent that person met with Community Based Coordinator to complete My Yellow Line Plan. (Person had previously been cited and convicted for three separate DWIs).  Person is a full time college student who is double majoring, currently works and is completing a voluntary internship to further his experience. Person and Community Based Coordinator have meet and completed the goals which he is working towards.  Person has applied for ignition interlock grant to assist with the cost of installing the ignition interlock device which is the next step for person to obtain their driver’s license. 

Person #6 -

Young adult female living in a group home voluntarily turned in her drug paraphernalia to a group home staff member immediately following her first use if methamphetamine. Per policy, group home staff notified local law enforcement for assistance. Law enforcement was aware of the Yellow Line Project  and immediately made contact with the screener to begin the YLP process. Traditionally, the individual could have been charged criminally which would have jeopardized her group home housing placement. The officer, the screener, and the individual agreed to a plan that linked her to community treatment options and maintained her housing, instead of criminal charges and potential homelessness.