The Yellow Line Project is designed to provide an early response to individuals with acute or chronic mental or chemical health problems who have become involved with law enforcement and are not a risk to the community. The Yellow Line Project enhances the resources and tools available to law enforcement so that residents of Blue Earth County get the right services at the right time and have strong incentives to participate in those services.  

The hope is to maintain a high level of personal accountability while, at the same time, encourage healthy choices to reduce future costs and consequences. The underlying systemic goal is to streamline the decision-making between Law Enforcement,  Human Services,  and Community-Based Care Providers so the most cost-effective services are provided and less incarcerations are needed.

The Yellow Line Project is different from other jail diversion projects. The main difference is the process for diversion takes place before a detained individual crosses "The Yellow Line" into jail.  The project has received funding from the state of Minnesota to test the effectiveness of the model. The hope is that the core tenets of the program can be customized for regions throughout the state and nation.