Community Based Coordinator

In the early stages of this project, we identified the social worker role as a “Liaison Case Manager”.  Conversations with DHS Case Management leadership occurred about the titling of this position, and the pros and cons of this name.  The term “Community Based Coordinator” (CBC) became the agreed upon title, so as to not create confusion regarding the type of care provided (different than targeted case management, or other case management services).  The social worker that was located in the jail in 2016 was instructed to begin transitioning her work ahead of the yellow line, into the pre-booking area, with the goal to be solely “ahead of the yellow line” as of 4/1.  This move signified a continued investment in moving diversion as far upstream in the process as possible.  This move didn’t come without its pains, however, as the need for jail services became very apparent.  Conversations with law enforcement, the county attorney’s office, probation, and human services continue regarding the gap that has shown itself in the continuum of care.